Rotari Cuvče 28 Metodo Classico Trento DOC

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Wine features

Denomination Trento DOC
Grape used Chardonnay e Pinot Nero
Color Sparkling
Region Trentino-Alto Adige/Sudtirol
Winery Rotari
Bottle size 75 cl
Alcohol 12,5%
Serve at 6°-8°C

The description

Rotari was born in the heart of the Dolomites. The mountain climate, the special care of the vineyards, the dedication of our winemakers in the manual selection and harvest of the grapes give life to the fresh and fragrant bubbles that are both complex and enjoyable reflections of the characteristics of the region.

The Metodo Classico, its history, and its long aging process on its yeast bestow upon Rotari unique and unrepeatable characteristics.

All of the Rotari wines are characterized by a unique style: fresh, fragrant and elegant with the ability to be ideal pairings for both Italian and International Cuisine.

This wine is produced only with grapes that are selected and harvested by hand from the vineyards in the hills of Trentino. Rotari Cuvee 28 owes its name to its long refinement on its yeast, which gives it decided yet elegant, fresh, and persistent characteristics.

This particular Cuvee is obtained from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that are precisely selected. Rotari Cuvee 28 is a wine produced with the second fermentation in the bottle according to the Metodo Classico tradition with respect to the Trento DOC discipline. The refinement on its lees for 28 months gives this wine important notes of bread crusts and hazelnut while at the same time maintaining a freshness that really stands out along with a pleasantness of aromas and tastes.

Color: Straw yellow with intense reflections

Bouquet: Clean, pleasing, elegant

Flavor: Fresh, fragrant, velvety, embellished with a floral character of the Pinot Nero, of good structure and with notes of almonds, sweets, and currant

Perlage: Elegant and persistant

Food matches

Ideal as an aperitif, but goes well with fish plates. Ideal also with all cuisine.

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