Harmonium Nero d'Avola Firriato 2018

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Wine features

Denomination Sicilia DOC
Grape used 100% Nero d'Avola
Color Red
Region Sicily
Winery Firriato
Vintage 2018
Bottle size 75cl
Alcohol 14,5%
Serve at 18-20°C

The description

The highly praised Nero d’Avola triumphs once again with a label celebrating the magical art of a wine that is the source of the purest and most sincere emotions. Its native land is the Borgo Guarini estate in the countryside of Trapani, where the clay soil and windy conditions produce an extraordinarily appealing wine. The most famous grape variety in Sicily reaches the height of quality and perfection in this terroir, planted on the slopes of a hill distinguished by singular orographic conditions that reflect three different climates and territories. Here we find not just one Nero d’Avola, but a group of three well-defined crus that Firriato has immortalized after fifteen years of careful analysis and experimentation with the terroir to find the greatest perfection.

With a single note, Harmonium manages to strike a chord with the soul, turning it into an undisturbed treasure trove of sweet and gentle melodies cloaked in a ruby red colour. Its music does not have the inauspicious destiny of oblivion because it is echoed in the persistence of the autochthonous red berries, so ripe and perfect, that make it a cathartic antidote. Its harmonious opulence makes it anardent tribute to Sicily’s passion for wine making.

Colour: deep and impenetrable ruby red with a purple edge.

Nose: the nose is delighted with ripe scents of cherries, plums and blackberries, combined audaciously with aromas reminiscent of nutmeg, rhubarb, pepper and dark chocolate.

Palate: unrivalled body and freshness. It unfolds soft and enchanting at first, leaving a very agreeable trace of a balanced tannin content. It boasts a highly commended flavour.

Characteristics: it is the highest celebration of the Firriato family’s quality and production philosophy. A wine of enviable style with an insatiable appetite for perfection and glory, it enhances the fame of a variety that embodies passion and respect for Sicily with great pride.

The redemptive power of music and wine is enclosed in Harmonium, a musical instrument that sends a sacred song of praise and grace up to the sky, almost as if wanting to deify memories already lived, emotions from the past and future, dreams yet to come. Its paean reaches us from the nineteenth century, revealing itself to be more alive and passionate than ever in a beautiful timeless space, where a glass of wine becomes a comfort and incentive to meditation on eternal pleasure.

Harmonium is that moment in time when the soul comes to life and looks on the world with different eyes.

Food matches

Pasta. meat, game. Mature cheeses.

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